We develop ideas.

Who We Are

Richard Kerris & Kevin Hague started working together at HP while building the webOS ecosystem; products and a platform years ahead of its time. We quickly found that we shared our core beliefs for how to work with developers to build their business while advancing their technology. We focus on partner success, not booking billable hours but instead put our projects together based on milestones and deliverables. We bring over 35 years of industry expertise and relationships; having held executive roles with Apple, HP and Lucasfilm, we understand the planning, the process and how to achieve winning results.

Global Partners in Design, Development & Monetization

We have a worldwide network of developers from Silicon Valley to Beijing, which allow us to specialize in each of the projects we do, verses typical repurposing of one team into multiple areas. This virtual corporation approach provides the best flexibility, cost effectiveness and most importantly, commitment to our partner’s goals.

What We Do

We explore new technologies, often developing and testing with our partners so they can find the best solutions for developing their products and ecosystems. We have an extensive network of relationships throughout the world with the makers of components, platforms, and systems - all of which we work with to ensure the target markets for our partners are fully understood before extensive budgets are committed.

How We Do It

We work in a 3-Phased approach:
  1. Discovery - working with your teams to understand the issues, challenges and opportunities for new technologies in your organization. From this we assess what can be done and present a few ways with which to achieve success
  2. Planning – From the ideas generated in Phase 1, we work with the teams to build out an extensive plan for the products, ecosystem, and if required that plan for PR and launch.
  3. Execution – Using our network of designers and developers we can expand our team to execute your plan. We build prototypes, validate with prospects and then build the actual products and devices.

Our Success

A partial list of our clients includes well-known fortune 500 organizations and soon-to-be discovered start-ups companies who are bringing innovative products to market over the next year. Our efforts have ranged from Entertainment clients, to fashion, retail, location, wearable and mobile.

Partial Client List

  • The Rolling Stones
  • Yahoo
  • The Science Project
  • Pivotal Labs
  • Abbey Road Studios
  • Snypr Sports Wearable’s
  • Las Vegas Entertainment [vegas.com]
  • Tyrian Systems
  • L’Wren Scott Fashion Studios
  • Get.It Mobile
  • Vivoom

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